My studio tour 👀

I got a studio outside of my home in mid-September 🥳

Dave and I have lived in a small (well, American small, anyway) two bedroom apartment forever, and that’s where I did my work before.

He also works from home, although his work would often take him out of town.

But his work situation changed over the summer, and now he’s home all. the. time.

When he came home from his last long work trip this summer, I panicked I’d lose my quiet alone time forever 😱

(Remember, I’m severly introverted.)

So I looked up website – they’re a non-profit that supports and promotes artists and art development in SE Seattle.

Lo and behold, they had a vacancy, so I toured the space and put in an application the next day.

A few days later, I had the keys in my hand!

And just like that, I had a space to do my work alone and without the possibility of interruption (<- this is the key).


Do you want a little tour?

Well, come on in 🥰

adorable pic by my friend Cat Snapp Studio

I didn’t want to spend whole a lot of money decorating the space – this was somewhat of an unplanned expense for me – so I kept it pretty minimal and furnished it with mostly Goodwill and Ikea furniture.

found this red chair at Goodwill for $15 🙌🏼

It’s only 115sq ft but… It’s my space and I love it!

I had a fantasy about decorating the space with lots of arts and cute things once I saved up for it, but as I started working here, I fell in love with the blankness of it all.

my work space

I find that less clutter in the room = less clutter in my mind.

I’m so used to the clutter at home so this was a pleasant surprise ✨

tea station! probably the most favorite part of my studio 😌

I try to be here three days a week. I wish I could be here more often but I also have lots to do at home (like packaging and shipping) and shows on weekends, so that’s all I can manage right now.

plants are still alive!

It’s really cool to be able to say “I work out of a studio in Hillman City.” when customers ask me where my studio is 😎

I know it kinda happened on a whim, but I do want to celebrate this milestone for my art business ✨ so thank you for letting me share it with you!


ps. SEEDArts Studios host an open studio in the new year, so I’ll let you know when it’s scheduled.

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