Thank you, mom πŸ’—

Mother’s Day is 5/10 – which is two weeks from today!

I consider myself very lucky to have a mom whom I love and get along with, even though she lives in Japan, and we don’t get to see each other in real life very often.

In Washington, where I live, we’ll continue to be in quarantine in two weeks 😒 and many moms will be spending the day without their family around.

I’d imagine many of you will be calling, zooming, and sending your mom (and mother figures) cards and flowers for Mother’s Day.

Here is a reminder that I have several Mother’s Day cards !

They’re colorful, thoughtful, and I even have cards for pet moms 🐢🐱 and an empathy card for those who have a hard time around this holiday, too.

You can review them and other gift ideas !

(+ mini previews of “Blue Period” paintings, which are going live TODAY)

especially if you’re having to mail your gifts to her this year.

Who wouldn’t love a happy mail? And who deserves it more than she does? πŸ’—


ps. reminder – spring sale is still on! 15% off on everything with your code “SPRING15”

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