AAPI Virtual Spring Crafts Fair is LIVE 💐

Just wanted to let you know that is live now!

Us vendors got to tour the shop before it opened up to the public yesterday morning – they did a great job setting up a beautiful shop ✨

It’s not the same as shopping in-person 😔 but I hope you enjoy “meeting” new artists and makers in the Asian American Pacific Islander community and treat yourself and your loved ones 💖

I’ve put together 8 cards and gift bundles exclusively for the show, and you can find them in the 👇🏼

Or go to on the main page and search for “Honeyberry Studios”

It goes till the end of May 😻



ps. 🚨The shop only accepts PayPal as a payment method– please have your account info ready or create one before you shop 🙏🏼

2 thoughts on “AAPI Virtual Spring Crafts Fair is LIVE 💐

  1. I visited everything so cute. I like the self care cards! Do you or have you created a font for your hand lettering? I want to do that for my prints?

    1. thank you, Mireya! everything is SO cute indeed 😀 no I haven’t created a font… I just draw them when I make art 🙂

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