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What I did during my sabbatical week

Hello! I hope you’re enjoying a nice Memorial Day weekend!

I’m not doing anything special… 😀 Since I quit my regular job almost 2 yeas ago (!!), I don’t keep track of holidays very much any more, except for the big winter holidays. Dave is out of town this weekend (he comes home later tonight, thou) so I’m just enjoying peace and quiet.

Speaking of peace and quiet (notice my smooth segue? :D), I was on my mini sabbatical a couple of weeks ago.

(If you don’t know what my mini sabbaticals are, I’ve been taking every 7th week off since October 2015 to rest and recharge. You can read more about it here.)

I’d been feeling tired, unmotivated, and low-energy for a couple of weeks leading up to it and knew I really needed that time off.

I had a couple of work stuff and chores to take care of but didn’t plan too much else. Had dinner with a couple of friends but otherwise enjoyed my alone time, which is super important for an introvert like me! (Dave was out of town for work for most of the week.)

On Tuesday, I went to my pottery class. I had a few underglazed mugs that came out of the kiln so I glazed them.

I find glazing (putting the shiny coat once it’s fired once) to be the hardest part! I tend to lay it on too thick, I guess, and it tends to crack once it’s fired…:( I hope these mugs will turn out OK. (BTW, I talked about the joys and struggles of being a beginner on this blog post!)

On Thursday afternoon I block printed! My pottery instructor asked me to make a studio apron for her, so I’d been designing a new pottery-themed art for it.

Pottery tool block print ❤

It was more complicated than my usual design, and I loved how it came out! And she loved the apron 🙂

On Saturday, I vended at the Bastyr University Herb & Food Fair! We had such a gorgeous weather and had a great turnout!

This is my booth!

Shows are a lot of work, but most of the time it’s worth it! This fair had a nice laid-back vibe, and the shoppers were super nice 🙂

And lots of cute dogs, too!! <3<3<3

The show was more successful than I expected, which is always a plus 🙂

Although my sabbatical was a bit on a busy side, I was so energized and ready to go by the time Monday rolled around. I was so focused and productive.

It confirmed my belief again that taking a regular time off isn’t a luxury for me or my business – it’s a requirement for my success and happiness! 

If you’re curious about how I spend my sabbatical weeks, you can read my past sabbatical blog posts here!

Have a great week, my friend 🙂 Do more self-care!


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3 Books to Boost Your Creative Motivation

Do you like to read?

I have friends who are constantly reading multiple books at any given time – I’m not one of them 😀 I would get so confused if I did that!!

But, I do like to read for fun and also read books that are related to business and creativity (which is also fun for me!)

If you’re looking for motivational, cure-your-self-doubt books for your creative practice, I highly recommend these 3 books!

They’re all pretty easy to read and offer lots of practical and actionable tips.

1. Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon

Steal Like an Artist, available here.

I’ve heard of this book recommended for artists for a long time but just picked it up a few months ago and loved it!

I loved Austin’s drawings and encouraging messages throughout the book.

Especially this piece in the picture above spoke to me when I was feeling my work was all over the place (I’m interested in making art in different medium and styles etc. Who isn’t??) and feeling insecure about it.

I’d also been intentionally avoiding watching tutorials of artists whom I admired (and I thought our work had similar vibes) because I was afraid I’d unintentionally copy their work.

But after reading the part about human hands not being able to copy something with 100% accuracy, I felt better about it and totally let go.

Now I watch whatever classes I want from whomever and learn something useful without “stealing” their work. After all, I can only make work that looks like mine. It was liberating!!

2. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Big Magic, available here.

I may be an anomaly, but I didn’t know about Elizabeth Gilbert until last month 😀

I’d never read Eat Pray Love or watched the movie. Somehow I never came across her work until I watched her interview with Marie Forleo on this episode of Marie TV. 

I was actually listening to the podcast version of the show while I was on my afternoon walk, but it was SO GOOD I had to stop and post the screenshot to my Instagram Stories 🙂

Her advice for nurturing creativity while living with fear was so spot-on. I also really appreciated her sense of humor 😀

As soon as I got home, immediately ordered her book on Amazon and devoured it.

I always find it encouraging to hear that someone as successful as Liz wasn’t always so successful – reading about how she had series of day jobs and received hundreds of rejection letters for many years before she could make a full-time income from writing reminded me that I need to be patient and keep making art and putting it out there even if I don’t see the desired outcomes, like, right NOW!


BTW, I started reading Eat Pray Love after I finished The Big Magic. It’s good 🙂

3. The Crossroads of Should and Must by Elle Luna

The Crossroads of Should and Must, available here.

My dear friend gave me this book back in 2015 while I was contemplating whether or not to quit my job to pursue art full-time.

I had so many questions – mostly out of fear – about making a transition from my regular job to being a working artist.

What if I fail? What if I don’t make enough money? What if Dave loses his job? Do I have what it takes? What if I lose my passion??

This book addresses many of those scary questions and offers helpful tips for finding your passion and following them in a way that makes sense to you.  Elle helps you to become more confident with your voice, making time for your creativity, getting over your fear, and much, much more in a compassionate and encouraging manner.

Just reading the first couple of chapters about Elle’s own transition from a well-paying job to being an artist helped center me while I was going through the big changes in my life.

My situation was different than hers, but it was encouraging to know that it is possible.

Of course, I loved all the art and lettering! When I got the book, I paged through quickly to see all the art first 🙂 Do you do that, too?

If you read any of these books, let me know what you think! Do share in the comment if you have other recommendations!


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p.s. I’m going to be on my sabbatical week, so no new blog post next Sunday! See you in a couple of weeks 🙂

Have you met Lucy, the Yoga Chicken?

In my recent daily paintings, I did a mini series featuring Lucy, the Yoga Chicken.

What got me started was this illustration of the chicken sitting and meditating. It was particularly a busy day, and I was feeling like a chicken with its head cut off – but wanted to feel calmer.

Meditation chicken

A friend saw it on Instagram and suggested I do a series of chickens in yoga poses, so I thought, “Why not? That sounds like fun!”

So, for 10 days, I illustrated a chicken in various yoga poses!

Triangle pose
Eagle pose
Standing Bow Pulling pose

I used to be an avid Bikram Yoga (a.k.a. Hot Yoga) practitioner and many of the poses in the series are may favorite from the practice then.

Pigeon pose
Tree pose
Child pose

Along the way, I started calling her “Lucy.” It just came to me out of nowhere and I thought it would make a cute name for a chicken 😀

Camel pose
Rabbit pose
Savasana, the corpse pose

She’s such a good yogini!! 🙂 It relaxes me just to see her in these poses!

Do you practice yoga? What poses are your favorite??

I hope Have a centering day 🙂


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