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When you can’t find your happy place…

I wasn’t planning to start my post this way.

But my heart is feeling heavy this morning.

There is so much loss and suffering in this world.

No matter how blue the sky is and the sun is shining brightly,

I can’t always find my happy place.

I’m giving myself space to grieve and just be.

That’s the kindest thing you can do for yourself sometimes.


I’m also feeling grateful this morning.

I got a beautiful thank you card in the mail from a friend this morning, and she wrote a heartwarming message that lifted my spirits.

An incredibly touching email came in from one of my fans yesterday letting me know how much joy my daily email has brought to her grandma who has just passed away.

I shared how I was feeling during the Board meeting last night and woke up to several reassuring messages from my team in my inbox.

They’re all helping.

Slowly. But surely.

When I feel disconneted from the world and feel like I have a piece missing, I turn to art.

It may not solve all the world’s problems overnight, but I believe in the power of art.

It heals.

It brings us together.

It helps me express my love for humanity in a way that I can’t in words.

Maybe it was meant to be that I scheduled to launch for preorder last week.

I originally created Β with Pride month celebration in mind πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

Due to the pandemic, many of the Pride events are cancelled or going virtual.

So I wanted to create a way to celebrate it with your loved ones from afar.

I believe all suffering begins with us not embracing ourselves fully and lovingly.

Including our shiny and messy parts.

We just want to be loved and be happy.

Be seen and heard.

For who we are.

That’s all.

I’ll keep creating as long as it makes my heart happy.

It’s my way of saying “I love you.”

To myself and to the world.

Thank you for being the reason why I do what I do.


Bundles of joy πŸ’Œ

It’s been a hectic week.

I was in a weekend long conscious communications workshop last Saturday and Sunday, which was…

Totally life changing.

Practicing empathic listening skills and being listened to all day for two days…

That was my version of heaven πŸ˜‡ haha.

I’m in no way an expert communicator… I felt really impatient witnessing how the facilitator demonstrated the skills so effortlessly.

It takes practice. There is no hack for this!

Even though I was on Zoom for two days, I felt light and peaceful at the end of the weekend.

But I’ve been feeling a little sluggish this week, not having had a downtime, so I’m very much looking forward to this weekend without any to-dos.

Before I sign off for the weekend, I wanted to show you some new offerings πŸ‘€

You remember I’m part of the this month?

I’ve added 3 more fun card bundles to their shop!

I’ll show you :

I’m a sucker for bundle deals… πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Let’s face it, you get more for the $ when you buy things in bundle.

And sometimes a bundle may include a product or a design I wouldn’t normally pick if it’s a single item, you know?

It gives you an opportunity to try something new ✨ and that’s exciting!

You also get to have a creative exercise to figure out who to share it with.

comes with 6 notecards to let you express your love and appreciation to someone you care about.

They’re not only for your romantic love but appropriate for friends and family, too.

(or you have anniversary cards for the next 6 years!!)

comes with 4 sweet cards.

Snail mail with a handwritten message makes a big difference in someone’s life πŸ’–

And this is versatile – personally, I find myself reaching for these blank cards a lot when I write to my friends.

These and are available exclusively at throughout May.

Go check out the shop and enjoy the diversity of creative talents in our AAPI community πŸ₯°

Have a relaxing Sunday, my friend!


ps. the only accept PayPal as a payment method – be sure to create your account or have your account info ready before you shop.

AAPI Virtual Spring Crafts Fair is LIVE πŸ’

Just wanted to let you know that is live now!

Us vendors got to tour the shop before it opened up to the public yesterday morning – they did a great job setting up a beautiful shop ✨

It’s not the same as shopping in-person πŸ˜” but I hope you enjoy “meeting” new artists and makers in the Asian American Pacific Islander community and treat yourself and your loved ones πŸ’–

I’ve put together 8 cards and gift bundles exclusively for the show, and you can find them in the πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

Or go to on the main page and search for “Honeyberry Studios”

It goes till the end of May 😻



ps. 🚨The shop only accepts PayPal as a payment method– please have your account info ready or create one before you shop πŸ™πŸΌ