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Thank you, mom πŸ’—

Mother’s Day is 5/10 – which is two weeks from today!

I consider myself very lucky to have a mom whom I love and get along with, even though she lives in Japan, and we don’t get to see each other in real life very often.

In Washington, where I live, we’ll continue to be in quarantine in two weeks 😒 and many moms will be spending the day without their family around.

I’d imagine many of you will be calling, zooming, and sending your mom (and mother figures) cards and flowers for Mother’s Day.

Here is a reminder that I have several Mother’s Day cards !

They’re colorful, thoughtful, and I even have cards for pet moms 🐢🐱 and an empathy card for those who have a hard time around this holiday, too.

You can review them and other gift ideas !

(+ mini previews of “Blue Period” paintings, which are going live TODAY)

especially if you’re having to mail your gifts to her this year.

Who wouldn’t love a happy mail? And who deserves it more than she does? πŸ’—


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Hello sunshine 🌞

Hi friend!

My first ever watercolor original painting sale is live now 😘

You can to enjoy the gallery and shop your fave pieces.

Remember – your spring promo code “SPRING15” gets you 15% off on everything, including my originals.

These floral paintings are on early bird promo, and the price will go up once the new batch of paintings (“The Blue Period”) go live next Sunday 4/26.

Can’t wait to see which ones end up in your home πŸ’—


ps. Missed the link above? to view all of my floral watercolor paintings.

One of a kind πŸ’Ž

Happy Sunday!

(or whatever day it is πŸ˜€)

You may have seen on that I’ve been making small watercolor paintings every day since the beginningof April.

I got inspired to start painting again when I dug up a box of paintings from a few years back last week.

Watercolor is my first love❀️

Since I’ve been making my art mostly on iPad Pro nowadays, it’s a nice shift from my work-work.

I had started a daily painting challenge in November 2016 so I could exercise my painting muscle every dayπŸ’ͺ🏼

Although I set out to continue painting for 365 days, I quit after day 237. Which is still a lot!

But at the time I was getting tired of it and didn’t find the challenge joyful any more πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

So when I unearthed the box last week, I sat down and went through all of my small paintings. I hadn’t looked at them in a loooooong time.

And they’re SO GOOD.

What charming, sweet pieces of treasure they are 😍

I had a lot of joy making these paintings. But now they’re sitting in a box for nobody to see…

That’s a little sad…but wait…

Could they bring joy to someone else?

I’d much rather my paintings go to a nice home where they’re appreciated than keeping them in a box in my office!

That’s why I’ve decided to make them available for purchase on my website.

So you and your loved ones can enjoy them 😽

I’m keeping some of the pieces myself, but there’re still lots of work for you.

To make your viewing/shopping experience a little easier, I’ll be releasing them in collections, according to themes.

Potential themes I’m thinking about:


Blue Period



“Lucy the Yoga Chicken” πŸ”


You can see some of them in :

You can start shopping my original watercolor paintings every Sunday starting April 19th!

If you’re on my email, I’ll let you know in advance the exact time they’re released. You’ll also receive sneak previews via email, so if you haven’t already, sign up!

I’m super excited to offer you my one of a kind treasures!

Stay tuned,


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Aries in your life? β™ˆοΈ

Hey friend,

I just found out that April is National Card & Letter Writing Month!

I’ve been more intentional about sending my loved ones snail mails since we started physical distancing a few weeks ago.

(Right? It started a few weeks ago…? Honestly, I don’t remember any more πŸ˜… It feels like forever ago.)

There was a thank you card we sent to a relative who gifted us some money πŸ™πŸΌ

A get well card for a friend who just had a surgery.

And a few others just to say hello πŸ‘‹πŸΌ

It’s simply more joyful to find a handwritten card from a friend in the mailbox than bills and junk mail, you know?

This week, I’ve made a list of friends who have their birthday in April – and all of them are Aries – including my best friend from 3rd grade ❀️ Aw.

In , I show you which cards I selected for my friends and why:


If you’re feeling a little shy about reaching out to someone in writing, birthdays are an easy opportunity to get your card writing habits started πŸ€“

Don’t let the blank page scare you, either.

A short and sweet message, like, “Happy birthday. I’m thinking of you.” will go a long way.

Got your birthday list?


You can to shop these adorable birthday cards😽

Give your loved ones a reason to smile on their special day!


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