Spring collection is here πŸ’

is live in the webshop 🌸πŸ₯³

Seattle has had our first snow this week πŸ₯Άβ„️ Photographing these vibrant products sure lifted up my spirits!

It’s like taking vitamin D for my soul.

. Enjoy new cards, tiny notes, postcard set, art prints, and stickers!!

Stay warm and cozy, my friend,


ps. Wanna shop in-person? I’ll be atΒ in Seattle next weekend, 1/25-1/26!

Spring collection sneak preview! πŸ‘€

Happy New Year!

After my last show of the year in December, I’ve been in a deep focus mode to bring new fresh designs to life for the upcoming season.

You may remember that I’m going to a BIG stationery trade show in NYC in early Feburary. Less than a month from now.

My face looks like this 😬 when I think about what else needs to get done before then, but I’m trying not to freak out too much.

And I’m really happy with how cute they’ve all turned outπŸ₯°

I’m introducing mini enclosure notes, too, and they’re pretty adorable🐞

And, new prints!

I’m also adding a self-love postcard pack and a few new stickersπŸ’•

(don’t have the pics yet… they’re on their way!)

It’s a vibrant collection to kick off the new year and a perfect mood elevator for the grey Seattle weather.

And everything else that’s going on in the world right now πŸ˜”

Most of these (except for the Lady Bug V-day card) are not in my online shop yet but will be available in a week or so.

I will of course let you know when it’s ready.

Take good care,


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Happy Year of the Rat πŸ­πŸŽ‰

Happy New Year, friend!

Did you know 2020 is the Year of the Rat?

My dad is a “Rat” and embodies some of the zodiac’s characteristics – industrious, thrifty, and diligent.

Dad and Dave making mochi for zenzai (dad’s favorite treat) at a cafe in Kanazawa, Japan (2017)

I hope I’ve inherited some of his rat-ness so I can keep making joyful art for you and continue to grow Honeyberry Studios even more this year!

Wishing you a healthful and happy 2020 πŸ’•


Wishing you peaceful holidays β„️

My sweetie Dave and I started sending custom Christmas cards to friends and family a few years ago.

It was fun, and I wanted to continue the tradition every year, but my plate was so full I let it go this year 😭

Instead, we sent cards to a handful of family and included a short updates about our 2019.

I know it’s not as fun as receiving a physical card, but I wanted to share them with you anyway πŸ₯°


2019 has been a big year for us. We’ve both gotten even busier, which is hard to believe sometimes.

Dave had a really full teaching schedule this year, which included adding a 2-week Permaculture design course in the Baltimore area. Turns out this was good, as one of the schools where Dave has been teaching decided not to run their program this year.

Other than that, Dave has been super busy with project management for the ecovillage we’re hoping to build. Our group has land under contract and the feasibility study has a lot of moving parts, so Dave is full steam ahead. You can learn more about the project .

Yuko’s business, Honeyberry Studios, has been steadily growing. She’s expanded her wholesale presence and is appearing at more shows. In February, she’ll be at a huge gift show in New York City, which should propel things forward even further.

Yuko’s mom also visited this year and they went to Yellowstone National Park, where they saw all the classics (geysers, bison, etc.).

Finally, this year Yuko became a board member for the Northwest Network, which is group advocating for bi, trans, lesbian, and gay survivors of intimate partner violence. This allows her to continue advocating for people whose voices are often unheard, as she’s done for a long time.

Anyway, that’s our 2019 in a nutshell. We sincerely hope that you had a pleasant 2019 and are looking forward to a productive, fulfilling 2020!


Gifts under $10 πŸŽ

I’ve been on this week – a much needed break in the midst of my busiest season.

So I’ll keep it brief – I know you’ve got a lot on your plate, too!

What I wanted to tell you today is that I’ve got lots of smaller gifts (under $10) that are perfect for stocking stuffers and add-on gifts!

If you wanna add an extra touch to round out your loved one’s gift package this holiday season, read on πŸ‘€

adorable vinyl stickers $3

These vinyl/dishwasher-safe stickers are great stocking stuffers!

You could just slip a few into your holiday greeting cards as a mini surprise ☺️

adorable magnets $4

If the stickers aren’t your thing (or they seem too permanent), grab one of my adorable magnets! They come in 4 designs.

blank notecard $5

I know buying artwork for someone else could be hard.

You don’t know exactly how much space they have or their colors in their house.

Well, most of my designs come in a smaller, notecard form! My customers often buy them to frame them as a tiny art πŸ˜‰

A little less commitment than buying a larger print.

to-do list notepad $8
market list $8

These notepads are AWESOME practical gifts for anyone. It brightens your everyday, boring tasks instantly ✨

notebook $6 (clearance, online only)

Last but not least, these little notebooks are delightful.

I’ve used them as a daily gratitude journal – they don’t have lines inside, so you could also use it as your traveling sketch book.

Ok, friend, hope this inspires your holiday shopping list πŸ’•

Thanks for supporting small, indie makers like me!


ps. You can also shop them in person today at and .

pps. Your order of $35 or more always ships FREE within US!

Your holiday self-care reminder

Winter holiday season is by far the busiest for me.

I’ve been non-stop with holiday shows (including two back-to-back out-of-town shows) and order fulfillment for the last month, I’m feeling pretty run down 😡

I’ll be on my mini sabbatical this week and am gonna try to prioritize self-care as much as I can.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and need to take care of yourself this busy holiday season, know that you have my permission 😘


My studio tour πŸ‘€

I got a studio outside of my home in mid-September πŸ₯³

Dave and I have lived in a small (well, American small, anyway) two bedroom apartment forever, and that’s where I did my work before.

He also works from home, although his work would often take him out of town.

But his work situation changed over the summer, and now he’s home all. the. time.

When he came home from his last long work trip this summer, I panicked I’d lose my quiet alone time forever 😱

(Remember, I’m severly introverted.)

So I looked up website – they’re a non-profit that supports and promotes artists and art development in SE Seattle.

Lo and behold, they had a vacancy, so I toured the space and put in an application the next day.

A few days later, I had the keys in my hand!

And just like that, I had a space to do my work alone and without the possibility of interruption (<- this is the key).


Do you want a little tour?

Well, come on in πŸ₯°

adorable pic by my friend Cat Snapp Studio

I didn’t want to spend whole a lot of money decorating the space – this was somewhat of an unplanned expense for me – so I kept it pretty minimal and furnished it with mostly Goodwill and Ikea furniture.

found this red chair at Goodwill for $15 πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

It’s only 115sq ft but… It’s my space and I love it!

I had a fantasy about decorating the space with lots of arts and cute things once I saved up for it, but as I started working here, I fell in love with the blankness of it all.

my work space

I find that less clutter in the room = less clutter in my mind.

I’m so used to the clutter at home so this was a pleasant surprise ✨

tea station! probably the most favorite part of my studio 😌

I try to be here three days a week. I wish I could be here more often but I also have lots to do at home (like packaging and shipping) and shows on weekends, so that’s all I can manage right now.

plants are still alive!

It’s really cool to be able to say “I work out of a studio in Hillman City.” when customers ask me where my studio is 😎

I know it kinda happened on a whim, but I do want to celebrate this milestone for my art business ✨ so thank you for letting me share it with you!


ps. SEEDArts Studios host an open studio in the new year, so I’ll let you know when it’s scheduled.

Tickled pink??

When I was a little girl in Japan, my mom never dressed me in pink.

Granted red is considered the traditional “girl color” in Japan, my mom disliked pink and would refuse to buy anything pink for me.

What’s even worse (in my little girl mind), my parents were practical and frugal, so they often dressed me in my older brother’s hand-me-downs. Which were mostly navy blue and brown πŸ˜‘ Not acceptable.

Side note, my dad also spray painted my brother’s old bicycle weird lavender color for me. I wanted PINK. I was a disgruntle little girl for that…

At age 4, I craved everything pink and girlie with all of my heart. I was hard-wired for it. The color pink was magical and dreamy and so sweet πŸ¦„

I remember this one time when my grandma, who was not anti-pink, took me shopping, she bought me a pair of shiny pink shoes. It had sort of a plastic-y, marshmallowy texture to it, with cute little puffy embellishments all over. I loved them so so much πŸ’•

Now that I’m an adult, I can wear/buy anything in any colors I want. Funny thing is I don’t really gravitate towards pink or girlie things like I used to πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

But, I do like to create art with pink in them. It brings warmth and softness to the designs.

For the past few years, I’d create winter holiday cards in non-traditional color palette. Like these ones in pink-ish tones.

I liked them because they are sweet and a bit different.

And I thought some of you may be looking for something different, too.

But I was wrong 😒

I’d always have a ton of leftover pink cards at the end of the holiday season, and now on my “lessons learned list”, I’ve got “don’t make any more pink holiday cards.”

I’m sure people liked them enough but there just wasn’t enough demand to justify manufacturing them any more.

So no more pink holiday cards from here on… but I have a good news for you!

I’m offering in my online shop. It’s 25 cards and envelopes for $25 while supplies lastπŸ™ŒπŸΌ

(That is $125 value, my friend 🐦)

NOTE: It will be an assortment of three designs that you see above (Peace on Earth, Season’s Greetings, and Wishing You Peace and Joy). I have significantly more Peace on Earth cards in stock, so know that you’ll get more of that design in your mix. As the inventory dwindles, you may get a pack that’s made up with only Peace on Earth cards. Oh and I can’t customize the quantity of each designs in your pack!

If you want non-traditional holiday greeting cards, πŸ¦„


Just love ❀️

My laptop is being repaired this week (hello mercury retrograde πŸ’”) and writing on my iPad is as painful as you think, so I’ll keep this short and sweet.

I’m so grateful to have you in my life.

You give so much to others through your kindness, creativity, and generosity.

You lift up those around you and spread joy when things feel hard.

Thanks for being an awesome human. I ❀️ you.