What Are You Looking Forward to in the New Year?

Hello, hello!

How’re you doing?  By the time this post goes out, I will have eaten lots of Christmas-y meals and cookies and visiting with a bunch of families and friends in snowy (I hope!) Midwest.  I won’t be home for a few more days to resume my daily happiness  posts but wanted to drop you a line to say hi!  Hi 🙂

I also wanted to let you know that I’m launching a new “subscription” service in 2015.  It’s kind of like “Yuko Club” where you receive a product from me, like a print of my art, a pack of greeting cards, a household item (e.g. tea towel, mug, coasters etc!), or a postcard from an exotic (or not so exotic) location with a personal message once a month for 12 months! You will receive an artful surprise every month – to give away as a gift or to keep for yourself 🙂  I can’t tell you how excited I am to be creating new art and products for you!!!


I will have this service available on my Etsy shop in early January.  Because of the nature of the service, it’s going to be limited to 20 spots for 2015.  It will be $215 for a 12-month subscription with free U.S. shipping!  (It will be available to friends in overseas with shipping fee.)  If you’d like to be notified by email when the listing becomes available, please sign up here!

I am really looking forward to connecting with you in new ways in the new year!  Thank you again for your support of my work this year!

See you on January 1 when my daily happiness posts will return 🙂  Have a safe and happy New Year!






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