Design, Carve, Print Fun!

Hi friend,

In February, I took a block printing e-course “Design, Carve, Print” with Jen Hewett and got totally hooked on block printing on fabric!

I’ve tried my hands in block printing before with linocut because I really like the look of it.  But I found it too hard to carve and did not have too much fun.  So my linocut supplies sit in a box on a shelf…

I just made a very small design because it was so hard to carve... but that meant I had to carve out all the background...  linocut fail.
My linocut experiment a couple of years ago.  I made a very small design because it was so hard to carve… but that meant I had to carve out all the background… linocut fail.

Anyway, I’ve been following Jen’s work for a while.  Her work is so amazingly beautiful!  I especially loved her 52 Weeks of Printmaking on her blog last year.  Her designs are so charming, and I also love the colors she uses.

Here is a couple of my favorites of Jen’s:

© Jen Hewett
© Jen Hewett


© Jen Hewett
© Jen Hewett

What an eye candy!!!

Needless to say, I was thrilled when I learned she was offering an e-course, Design, Carve, Print in February and signed up right away!

It was a recorded video course and was super easy to follow and fun.  Jen also created a Facebook group for the students, so we were able to ask questions live and got the support as we moved along.

Some of my block printing supplies. Sketch of the design, traced pieces for transferring on to the block, Speedball carving tool, soft carving blocks, and Speedball fabric screenprinting ink.  I was happy to be able to use some tools I had from my linocut experiment.

There was plenty of time to design, carve, and print during this interactive two-day course.  I was thinking of printing on tea towels, so my inspiration came from something kitchen-y.  So I carved a teapot, an espresso maker, and cups in my interpretation of mid century modern/vintage style, which is one of my favorite looks.


Tea-towel04_lores I printed on an extra large flour sack tea towels from Beverly’s. They’re really soft and absorbent.  They were shipped to my monthly art subscription customers in March. One of my customers described it as her “kitchen security blanket.” 🙂

Jen is a wonderful teacher, and I loved “meeting” other students as well.  Our Facebook group is open forever, so we continue to share our work and support each other.  So inspiring!

Veggie & Fruit Tea Towel!
My new veggie & fruit tea towel for an upcoming craft show!

Block printed goods will be part of the future offerings on my Etsy shop for sure!!  I will keep you posted as things progress 🙂


Do you want to experience the joy of making your own printed fabric?  Good news!  Jen is offering another Design, Carve, Print e-course on May 16-17.  You could learn at your own pace and don’t need to have any prior experience.  She’s offering an early bird registration price ($99) until April 15.  Don’t miss your opportunity and sign up here!  You will love it!

Let me know if you have any questions!

Talk soon,




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