My Favorite Tools: Micron Pens


One of the things I’d like to share more in my blog is to share the tools and apps I love!

I want to start out by sharing the drawing tool I use the most in my work and play: Pigma Micron Pen by Sakura a.k.a. “Microns.”


You might have seen many of my sketchbook photos I share have Microns, and I was recently asked why I like drawing with them, so let me tell you why!


I started using Micron pens for drawing only a couple of years ago. I chose them simply because some of the artists I admire, like the handlettering artist Sean McCabe and artist Lisa Congdon, use and recommended them.

My favorite thing about it is how smoothly and evenly it writes/draws. Its pigment based ink is waterproof and fade proof as well, so I feel confident that my artwork will maintain its quality for a long time.

I like and use size 01 (0.25mm) for most of my work. It’s pretty fine, but since the ink flows out so evenly and the line is so consistent, I can trust it to handle some small detail work nicely.


It works well with my simple and clean illustration style as well. I also like to add my handwriting/handlettering to the piece and this size is my personal favorite to do so.


I use size 08 (0.50mm) sometimes when I want a little bit more boldness. This drawing was done in size 08 Micron.


No matter which size I use, I typically stick to using just one size within the same piece. I like the consistency of the look.

As far as colors go, I like drawing in black ink the best. I do like other colors and do draw with them occasionally to switch things up.


Floral line drawing in blue/black
Old buildings in Paris in purple
Mushrooms in blue
Berries in Jars in rose

I pretty much use my favorite Micron for all my writing and journaling too.

When I make my drawings, I typically just draw with the pen and no pencil sketch first. I used to sketch with pencil first and trace over it with pen, but when I did my 365 Day Happiness Is drawing project in 2014, I quickly realized that I simply didn’t have the time to be sketching first and making a perfect drawing every day!

When I draw with pen, my drawings have more spontaneous and organic look. It’s the key factor that makes my drawings wonky 🙂 Of course, I don’t always get it the first time when I draw with pen. So I start out sketching or practice drawing with pen or pencil a lot before I work on the actual piece. It’s a bit scary but I like the drawings I make this way better than any other! Plus you can use Photoshop later to touch up small mistakes 😀

Calathea drawing

If you want to see how I make my line drawings with a Micron pen, I share my steps in my upcoming tutorial here. And I’m guest Instagramming on Sakura’s feed this week in case you’re looking for more inspirations!

I’ve used other pens to draw before, but this is the one I keep coming back to. If you’re in a market for good quality drawing pens, give them a try 🙂

Talk to you soon!

xo Yuko



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