3 Things I Love about The Journey Within E-course!

It’s almost March, and my Nature Line Drawing class for The Journey Within: A Year of Handmade Journals hosted by Kiala Givehand will be live in just a few short days!


You know I LOVE making simple line drawings of flowers and plants. When Kiala asked me to guest teach for this e-course, I was really honored and excited.

This course is year-long, and each month features different teachers and themes. Students are encouraged to follow along tutorials and learn different techniques every month, and there is a private online group to share their work and get to hang out with the teachers live on a monthly live session!

Look at the monthly theme here. Isn’t this great?? Kiala put this together to bring personal enrichment through art and creativity and did an awesome job at that!!

  • January = Explore & Discover
  • February = Self-Love & Intentional Living
  • March = Nature & Natural Living <– this is what I’m teaching!
  • April = Poetry & Music
  • May = Creative Empowerment
  • June = Wonderment & Dreams
  • July = Sanctuary & Silence
  • August = Harvest & Family
  • September = Memories & Archives
  • October = Devotion & Meditation
  • November = Gratitude & Words of Wisdom
  • December = Reflection & Memory

Here are 3 things that make this course unique:

1) It’s online, so you can access it anywhere, anytime that’s convenient for you. It doesn’t matter if you live in a rural area where you don’t know anyone creative like you – you get to participate and interact with others in this supportive on-line community!

2) You get to learn from different teachers with different styles and perspectives. It makes the learning experience more interesting, and it will help you get out of a creative rut if you’re experiencing one!

3) The materials are very accessible. You don’t have to be an experienced artist to enjoy it – Anyone with a creative mind will have lots of fun exploring different themes and techniques!

Many people start out the new year with a goal of having a consistent creative practice and have a hard time continuing the momentum without the on-going encouragement and guidance.

This course will be a (gentle) kick in the pants to reenergize your intention to embrace creativity throughout the year. It’ll give you fresh contents every month and a supportive community to learn in so you can incorporate creativity in your everyday living and meet your goals.

And get this – you only pay $120 to access everything for the whole year. Yup, everything: the tutorials, support, community, live sessions, and most importantly your motivation. For the whole year. Talk about getting bang for your buck!!!

It’s definitely not too late to enroll in the course! You’ll still get access to all the materials for the past two months as well when you register.

This short video about my creative inspirations may give you a better sense of who I am as an artist and what my class is going to be like 🙂


I’ll be on the live session on Sunday 3/13 (11:30am PST) and would love to see many of you there! ❤ Join me today!

xo Yuko


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