Illustrated Recipe: Easy and Healthy Avo Toast

I’ve been dealing with a few different digestive issues lately and discovered that eating small meals and munching on snacks between meals help me feel good physically and mentally.

There is a Japanese phrase, “eating until 80% full,” as a good practice for your digestive and overall health. I guess it’s kind of a common sense that overeating is not good for you, but I’ve become more aware of it as it relates to my own health lately.

When I snack (and I LOVE to snack), I try to eat whole foods that are nutritionally rich and filling. I’m a very practical person, and if I can eat only a small portion of food at one sitting, I want more bang for the buck!!

Meet avocados.

I love avocados. I’m sad that we can’t grow them here (who knows what’ll happen in some years with the climate change and everything…?) but we buy them regularly because they’re SO GOOD.

I love its creamy texture and how versatile it is. It’s packed with beneficial nutrients and vitamins (you can learn more here) and goes with practically everything. And the “good” fat and fiber it contains allow me to feel full even if I eat just a small amount of it.

Easy & Healthy Avo Toast Recipe
Easy & Healthy Avo Toast Recipe

This Avo Toast has been my go-to snack between breakfast and lunch lately. The buttery, creamy avocado with a hint of refreshing lime juice and a tiny bit of sea salt on a warm, crunchy toast is simply divine.

And it only takes 5 minutes to prepare, if that! I’m always looking for a recipe that takes only a handful of ingredients to make (I often get turned off when I see 7 or more ingredients in a recipe…:D), and this Avo Toast recipe is definitely a keeper!

Enjoy! ❤

xo Yuko

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4 thoughts on “Illustrated Recipe: Easy and Healthy Avo Toast

  1. This is so good! In Chile we eat this usually in the evening with a tea or for breakfast (pan con palta) . I miss it a lot when i go abroad 🙂 love your drawings 😊

    1. Hi Hilda!
      thank you for your comment 🙂 It’s so simple yet (or maybe because of it) it’s SO good. I’m so glad to have found it! 🙂 Yuko

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