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Holiday Giveaway :: Pretty Desktop Wallpaper

Hello friends!

Camellia, Mixed Media
Camellia, Mixed Media

When this post goes out, I will be in Wisconsin spending time with my in-laws!  I’m not going to be posting my daily “Happiness is” drawings for a week because there is no internet (!) and the cell reception is really bad in the house we’re staying.  But I have pre-scheduled a couple of posts to hold you over!

Today I wanted to tell you how grateful I am to all of you who have been following and supporting my work!  It is hard to believe it’s been over 8 months since I started my daily drawing project about happiness!  Practice of noticing and acknowledging something that makes me happy every day has been really great, not to mention practicing art every day.  I also really enjoy hearing from you and knowing that my little happiness drawings are relatable to many of you 🙂

As a small gesture of my gratitude for your support, I’ve created a pretty desktop wallpaper with simple botanical motif!  Download my free desktop wallpaper here!

Ok, if you celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas to you!  I will be eating lots of food and hopefully playing in the snow!!

I will post another vacation post on Sunday 12/28.  Take care until then!



While I’m Out


Hello friends!

Hope your December is going well!  I just wanted to give you a heads up that I will have very limited access to internet, and cell phone reception will be pretty bad over the Christmas holiday.  I decided to put the daily “Happiness is” posts on hold between December 24 and 31. (*I originally thought I could resume on 31 but realized later that I won’t be able to post until January 1!)

This is a hard decision for me as I was planning on not missing a day for this 365 day challenge, but I just didn’t want to stress too much about it while we spend our holiday with family and friends.  I will resume on Thursday January 1 🙂  Same time, same place!

I will pre-schedule some holiday posts while I’m gone, so stay tuned for those 🙂  I’m also going to be drawing while I’m on vacation (of course!), and will be posting some of them on my Instagram when I can, so if you haven’t already, follow me there as well!

Thank you!  See you on my “Happiness is” post tomorrow 🙂