From the Sketchbook

Happy April! Wow how time flies! I hope you’re adjusting to the seasonal changes OK!

I’ve said this before but when I quit my day job last summer, I thought I was going to have all the time I wanted to make art every day. It turns out there are so many other business-y things I needed to take care of, and sadly making art for the sake of making art had taken a back seat in my life.

I was feeling a little burnt out leading up to my last sabbatical and was worried I was losing my sparks.

So during my sabbatical, I was determined to just relax and make whatever, whenever I felt like it. As a result, I felt rested and spacious. I got to rediscover the joy of making art as a way of relaxation and self-care.

After all, that is what art was to me in the beginning – something that fed my soul, and it can still be that if I created a space for it. I was definitely losing touch with that aspect of art making as I was buried deep in the day-to-day, trying to make my creative business happen. And I really wanted to have it again in my everyday living.

I realize it’s nearly impossible to create art just for fun any more. I’m always thinking about what’s next for my business and how even my fun, “non-work” art can help me achieve my goal.

But I’ve been attempting to restore the balance and making art as part of my daily relaxation practice as well. I’ve been taking time off from my business/admin stuff mid-day or at the end of the day to draw something fun and joyful. Some of them will be part of my portfolio or my future work, and others will just live in my sketchbook.

It’s been so nice to have that space in my life again. I didn’t realize how much I craved it and how good it is for me personally and professionally.

Here are some of my recent drawings from my sketch book! Enjoy 🙂

Asparagus, watercolor and micron pen
Things to Do on a Rainy Day, Sakura koi pens & micron pen
Watercolor Wheels, watercolor, gouache, and micron pen
Blue Cookware, Sakura koi pens
Blue Kitchenware, Sakura koi pens
Easter Eggs, watercolor, gouache, and micron pen
Flower Clock, watercolor, gouache, micron pen, and gellyroll pen

Have a wonderful day!

xo Yuko


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