Can you help me? I need your opinions!


Hey there friend!

I share lots of different things on my blog and often wonder what you enjoy reading about the most.

I can sort of gauge from your “likes” and comments but it won’t hurt to just ask, right? If I knew exactly what you like, I could deliver more of that thing. Sounds good, yes?

Here are 10 general categories I have for my blog posts.  Would you tell me how much you like (or not like) them via this quick survey?

  1. Behind the scenes creative process
  2. Drawings from my sketchbook
  3. New art and products for sale
  4. Self-care tips
  5. Tips for creative motivation
  6. Small creative business tips
  7. Illustrated healthy recipes
  8. Sabbatical reports – what I did/made during my time-off
  9. Information about my classes, workshops, and tutorials
  10. Tools and apps I love and recommend

Thank you so much in advance for your time!! In case you missed the link to the survey, here it is!

p.s. If it’s easier, you can also tell me your preferred topics and any other comments/feedback you have in the comments below! I love reading all of your comments 🙂

Have a wonderful day ❤


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