Illustrations for My Volunteer Work!

I have been working for a non-profit organization that helps victims of domestic violence for the past 13+ years.  I have held many different positions throughout the years, and it has been very rewarding to be helping people and making a difference in the community.


I have also been part of a volunteer group called Japanese Social Services Network (JSSN) for about 10 years.  JSSN was first started as a networking platform for the Japanese professionals working in the social service field in the Seattle area.  I joined the group initially to meet others and get/give support in doing the work.


Over the years, its focus has expanded to include providing information and resources to the Japanese people in the community.  In addition to hosting a social get-together for service providers, we now offer workshops and seminars and have put together a website to provide community resources in Japanese.


I’ve served on their leadership committee for several years now, and one of the ways I’ve helped out is to provide illustrations and graphic design for their materials.


Here are some of the spot watercolor illustrations I created for different content categories for the website a few years ago!


Counselor, pen & ink, watercolor
Domestic Violence, pen & ink, watercolor
Children, pen & ink, watercolor
Medical Doctor, pen & ink, watercolor
Seniors, pen & ink, watercolor

I really appreciate having an opportunity to use my creative ability to help others!


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