Tulip Festival Poster

Our assignment for the Illustration Communication class this week was to create a poster for the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival!


Every year, they commission an artist to create a beautiful poster for the festival!


My favorite is this one with a kitty (of course) by Jerry Freiberg created in 2002.

For this assignment, I wanted the focus to be on the beauty of individual flowers, rather than the landscape.  Not only do I LOVE flowers, I felt it would better showcase my line art style.


I brought home different kinds of tulips from the local store and started sketching!


good ol’ pencil sketches

I then traced them on a vellum paper with a pen for easy scanning.


tulips_penI had some ideas for composition for the poster, so I did a rough comp on Photoshop just to see…



I actually liked the simple line drawings and one spot color for background, but for this assignment it made sense for the flowers to have more colors.  When there is a bunch of black & white line drawings, it is hard to tell what’s going on especially if you’re not looking at it closely.


At first, I made tulips with green stems like real flowers.  But then when I put a bunch of them together, it seemed too busy with the background color.  And they just didn’t look very interesting to me…


tulip_colorEarlier in the design process even before I started drawing the tulips, I was thinking of designing a poster that looked kind of like a stained glass art.  I also really enjoyed my black & white illustrations from the last assignment, so I decided to experiment…


Black, White & Color!

I would say the experiment worked!  I love how the colors of the petal pop out with the black stems and leaves.


After hours of trying out different layouts and spacing, I landed on this final design.


The poster!

Since the focus of our assignment was the illustration itself, I didn’t spend too much time with the typography.  I chose “Learning Curve”, which is the typeface for my company, Honeyberry Studios’ logo 🙂  I think it fits the feminine and flowy style of this poster very well, though!


Extra credit – this is another version of the design.  I decided not to go for it for the poster project, but I made a cover photo for my facebook page 🙂



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