Cookbook Illustrations!

My first assignment for the Illustration Communication class was to create 12 black & white spot illustrations and one color illustration for a Northwest Food & Wine cookbook!


I chose to make 12 black & white illustrations of raw food ingredients for the spot.  The assignment also required us to have images of wine bottles & glasses in some of our illustrations.


I usually start my process by making rough sketches with pencil on paper.


cookbook rough sketches

all kinds of Northwest food ingredients! (and a bonus kitty)

I then made pen & ink drawings to be scanned and processed in Adobe Illustrator.  I decided to place each illustration in the black circle to frame item.  It gives them consistent look and helps to make the line art stand out.


draw, scan, place!

And, here are some examples!


squashes, beets, figs, morels, oysters, cheese, wine & bread!

As for the color illustration for the book cover, I decided to use the colored version of the spot illustrations to create a consistency of the look.  I also just really liked them 🙂  I used the live paint function in Adobe Illustrator to make colored illustrations for this project.


add beautiful colors to the black & white drawing!

To tie it all together on the cover, I used the same circle shape as the spot illustration in the center.  As a way to give a sense of location, I made a line drawing of Mt. Rainier to place in the circle.


A Northwest Icon!

And voilà! Here is the full-color illustration of the NW Food & Wine Cookbook!


all kinds of goodness!

I love good food, and I enjoyed this project very much!


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