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Meet Honeyberry!

In my last post, I talked about how I created my brand and named my business Honeyberry Studios.  In this post, I want to show you how I designed my logo!

先日のブログでは、Honeyberry Studiosの名前の由来についてお話しました。今回は、ロゴのデザインの過程をお見せしまーす。

As an illustrator, I thought it would be imperative to create an original image for the logo that showcased my style.  People describe my stuff as “cute, warm, friendly,” and such.  So my logo needed to have those qualities as well.


It’s kind of silly, but I knew my logo needed to have eyes.  I hear that eyes are windows to your soul, and if I wanted it to have some kind of emotional impacts on people, it needed to have eyes!


I also thought to myself: “If this is going to be a logo for my business, I better like looking at it all the time for a long time.  What do I like to look at for a loooong time?”  The answer was very simple.  Cats.  I love cats.  I used to think of cats 24/7 when I was a child.  OK, I still kind of do.  I have two kitties, Lulu and Shepherd, and they have modeled for me a few times for my art.  I was inspired!


kitty in the window yellow lulu_color sheppie

I sketched some cat characters for the logo.  It has to be simple enough so it looks good when the size is reduced.  It also needs to work in color and in black & white.


Luckily, I was taking a logo design class at that time, so I was able to get helpful feedback from the instructor and my fellow students about my design.  This is my first version.


initial comparison
raw sketch, black & white, color

I combined my two lovely kitties, one black cat and one tabby cat with pink nose.  After receiving feedback that “black cats have negative connotations,” and “the cat’s stare is too intense,” I made a few changes.


I made the cat honey colored, which actually works perfectly with the company name.  Modification with the eyes were made, and it all of a sudden gave the cat some distinctive personality.


Yellow Cat Logo

For the typeface, I looked for a script typeface that fit.  I wanted a typeface that had a soft, handwritten feel to it.  After searching for many hours on the inter web, I finally landed on a typeface called “Learning Curve.”  I found it beautiful, simple and legible.  Done!

次はロゴの活字書体選びです。筆記体で、手描きっぽい書体を何時間もかけて探したあげくに、「Learning Curve」という活字書体を見つけました。綺麗だし、シンプルで読みやすい!決まり!


I added a circle and dashed line inside of it to have a “stitching” effect to up the handmade feel of my company.  For my class project, I incorporated the company name in to the logo, but in practice, I use them side by side.  The warp of the text did not look good in the circle, and I would have needed to make the cat so small in order for the text to be big enough.


Yellow Cat FinalColor&BW

My color combo is determined based on what each color says: honey yellow=”honeyberry,” red = “warm and comfortable,” green=”nature.”


I love how my logo turned out!