Logo Design for the Daver

Our last assignment for the Illustration Communication class was to design logos for ourselves!


Since I already have my logo, I decided to design a logo for my husband Dave, a.k.a. the Daver.


He is a Permaculture designer/educator/author and currently runs a company called Terra Phoenix Design.  I choose to do a branding and logo design for him as an individual because…why not?


Because this is for him as an individual rather than his company, I designed a logo that reflected his friendliness and approachability.


Here are my three concepts!  こちらが3つのデザインです!

The Portrait!
The Name!
The Acorn!

My favorite is definitely the portrait.  He has such a cute smile 🙂  I modified the portrait and made his facebook profile picture!  It is a lot warmer and shows his personality well, I think.


The Profile Pic!





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